Who We Are?

We are innovators focused more on winning elections and promoting the conservative candidates and cause we believe in and less concerned about winning awards or campaign insider approval.

With over 200 political campaigns under our belts and over 20 years experience in the advertising and marketing arena, REDSTATE Spots in uniquely qualified to head or be a part of your campaign’s marketing team.

We know that when a voter pulls that lever or pushes that button on election day, their choice is based on an emotional decision.  REDSTATE Spots’ defining quality is our Emotive Insights™ developed through proprietary research tools that allow our teams to create, design & deliver the Ideas that Resonate,  Messaging that wins minds and hearts, and Imagery that creates the Emotional Positioning required for our clients to win on election day.

We’re not those guys that roll in just before the TV commercials and other campaign collateral are needed.  Our clients view us as Campaign Partners with the abilities and experience to offer assistance in every aspect of their campaign.

Additionally, 100% of the Creative & Media Production services we offer ( Radio, TV, Video, Web, Social, Apps, etc. ) are developed by our in-house teams.  This allows us to work at the speed of your campaign with the 24/7 hands-on approach required to take the lead and stay ahead of your competition.

No matter the size of your campaign, our goal is simple:  Deliver unmatched creativity that defines the Emotional Positioning required to win on election day.